References from our clients who love our product

Birando have been working with the Bio Doves since August 2012 – and we really think we have a great product that people are inspired by. A very similar response from customers to the one we had when we first start selling sky Lanterns online in the USA.

We keep all our reviews for the product on our main website but have included a special one here from Harrison’s Hope Hospice agency.

“Harrison’s Hope is a hospice agency. We used the dove balloons for our annual memorial ceremony. On the day of the event, we had 75 doves inflated and ready. A family unit came forward and each person received a dove. At least one family member spoke about their loved one and then as a family group they released their doves. It was remarkable how the dove groupings flew together! The doves are large, they can be observed for a long time as they soar and fly. Against a blue sky, it is very impressive. The family stayed up front and watched their doves until they were nearly out of sight. It gave everyone an opportunity to ponder the life of the person who had died. When that family was ready to sit down another family grouping came forward and we repeated the process. Many family members commented that the experience of releasing the dove was more meaningful than the actual funeral. At the end, we had enough doves to distribute to each attendee. Then we did a large group dove release, representing all the hospice patients who had died during the past year. Watching the dove clusters fly for family units was very special and symbolic for each family. Watching the large “flock” lift at the end was simply powerful.

Advice for anyone buying this product … have more helium available than you think you need. If the helium tank says it will fill 50 balloons, it will only fill 21 to 24 dove balloons. The doves are large and impressive. It’s worth it. Also, the instructions advise releasing the balloon 2 hours after inflating. We found 2 hours 15 minutes to be perfect. At 3 hours after inflation, the balloons were more sluggish to lift. Once they were above house height, they behaved just like the other doves (released after 2 hour 15 min.) – “flying” and soaring. “