What are Bio Dove Balloons?

Dove BalloonsBirando supply these enchanting biodegradable helium white dove balloons.

You will see the difference to a conventional helium balloon, in that they do not simply float aimlessly in to the sky but take on the characteristics of a white dove and look like they are flying.

The rate of ascent is much slower that a standard latex helium balloon allowing you to enjoy them for much longer.

Dove balloons are suitable for any occasion whether it is christenings, birthdays, wedding or even a memorial and will definitely make any event enchanting and magical.

  • Safe for the environment.
  • Easy to inflate and release.
  • Amazing and original.

Whether you buy five or a hundred your dove release will be a perfect addition to any event.

Wedding venues love white dove balloons because they are much more civilised than fireworks (and quieter) and cause NO HARM to the surrounding environment.