How Far Can Bio Dove Balloons Fly?

Bio Dove balloons are a helium flying balloon that have been made popular by several high profile launches including the Olympic games in Nagano back in 1998.

People have been enjoying them at weddings and special events but after the launch it can be hard to find out how far they will travel before they come back down to earth and begin to decompose. Here are some interesting Bio Dove balloon launch facts.

Longest recorded Bio Dove balloon flight

Varying weather conditions can affect the flight path of a Bio Dove dramatically, typically they will travel anywhere from 310 miles to as far as 1242 miles. The longest known journey was from a Bio Dove that made it’s way from Japan all the way to Los Angeles, That’s one heck of an eastern migration!

Alternative to a message in a bottle…

Following a huge earthquake in Kobe, Japan on the 17th of January 1995 a group of kindergarden students, 45 to be precise found a neat way to pass on their message of encouragement. They wrote messages of support and encouragement onto Bio Doves which have been know to symbolize hope and then released them into the air. One and a half hours later there we calls from Kobe to let them know the messages had been well received.

1998 Bio Doves launched to signal the star of the Nagano Olympic Games

Doves have long been a symbol of peace as well as a symbol of hope so a mass launch of 1998 Bio Doves at the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games proved to be a very fitting and successful start. One of these doves made it all the way to America and this story was picked up by global newspapers.

We’d love to hear your Bio Doves stories or see some videos or photo’s from you event.



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  1. Kelli Schaller Kelli Schaller says:

    I found a dove balloon in my flower garden this weekend, in Torrington, CT, with a memorial message attached from a Harriet Traversa. Googling her I found only one such person, from Valley Stream, NY. Her message in memory of “Andy” was quite moving. My mom has a deceased brother Andy so its message had dual purpose! Astounding.

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